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We strive to be the #1 supplier of high quality AR parts and accessories in the country. Our exceptional personal service to both dealers and customers has helped us build a strong following for our product line. We will continue to keep our prices low, our service professional, and our products top of the line. 

We would not be in business for 10 years if we did not believe in those principles. Do you want to be a re-seller of our high quality parts? Give us a call or send us an email, we will walk you through our easy application.We are proud supporters of our Law Enforcement Officers and the United States Military. You deserve the best while keeping our citizens safe and free.

Prior to purchasing any products from AXC Tactical or its affiliates, you must check all BATF and individual state laws to ensure the desired product is legal in your state. For example, California does not allow “high-capacity” or full capacity magazine sales for civilian use. AXC Tactical will not fill any orders that are in violation of BATF or individual state laws. 

AXC Tactical and its affiliates are not responsible for cancelled orders because of violation of BATF and individual state laws. For further questions regarding product acceptability in your state, please contact your local law enforcement agency or the BATF.



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AXC Tactical AR-15/LR-308 A1 Predator Flash Hider (AXC-MBAR15LR308PR) AXC Tactical AR .308 CAL MULTI PORT STEEL COMPENSATOR AXC Tactical Gas Tube Black Steel 6.75" Pistol Length (AXC-GTBS-PIS)
AXC Flash Hider AR-10/LR-308 .300 Blackout A1 Predator
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Retail: $26.95
Compensator AR.308 Cal Multi Port Steel
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Retail: $64.95
AXC Gas Tube Black Steel 6.75" Pistol Length
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
MSRP: $10.99
Retail: $9.25
18 in stock!
AXC Tactical Ambidextrous Safety Mil-Spec Rifle replacement (AXC-SFTAMBIMS) AXC Tactical AR-10 Multi-porting Compact Muzzle Brake (SIG210-308) AXC Tactical AR-15 Rail Height Front Iron Sight (AXC-ISRHFS)
AXC Ambidextrous Mil Spec Safety
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Retail: $24.95
(Out of Stock)
Muzzle Brake AR-10 Multi-Porting Compact
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Retail: $22.95
AXC Iron Sight AR-15 Rail Height Front
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Retail: $19.95
52 in stock!

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